The Music Guild is always looking for parents of students who would like to be involved in any capacity or might have a unique skill set, talent, or business.


Please reach out to the guild to let us know who you are and how you'd like to volunteer. It is a great way to meet teachers and other parents and to help our students.

Music Guild Officers


President: Arlette Smith

VP-Membership Experience/President Elect: Sarah Lowry

VP-Administration/President Elect: Matt Frye

VP-Family Education: Kirran Moss

Secretary: Lauri Johnson
TreasurersTheresa Cox & CaTrina Lindsey
Parliamentarian:  Leslie Peters


Membership: Frederick Shelton
Hospitality: Stacy Brown, Shelli Knutson & Riva Rahl

Student Meals: Melissa Chapel

Showcase: Beth Cunningham, Dawn Edelman
Shelley Kirby, Kirran Moss

Merchandise Team: Shelley Kirby, Kim Weiss
Fundraising & ScholarshipStacey Brown


Freshman: Heather Bonfield

Senior: Joanne Muturi, Riva Rahl

Band: Jamie Nelson

Choir: Heather Gillett, Sarah Folger-Hagen

Guitar: Mr. Schrag

Orchestra & Mariachi: Meredith Opat

Piano: Jamie Nelson

RJAM: Sylvia Heck

Vocal: Sarah Folger-Hagen, Heather Gillett